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New Year - New Intention

Updated: Jan 9

A few notes...

Intention setting for 2024

"Elevate" - 2024 Word of the year for Brownstone Station Wellness Center

The idea of taking what we've cultivated and raising it to a higher level, symbolizing growth, advancement, and reaching new heights for our practices and community.

We want you to join us...

In the Blog Comments section, leave us your 2024 Word of the year or tell us how you'd like to see the community here "elevate"

Happy New Year to our wonderful clients, students and customers. We appreciate you all!

Adrienne from Brownstone

***Updated on 1/9/2024***

Here is the BSWC Intention Board for 2024 - thank you for your submissions!

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01 janv.

CREATE. You have the ability to create and be peace ✌️

Happy 24 Brownstone Community 🤎✨

Crystal ~ Yoga & Reflexology


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RECOVERY. Spiritual and physical healing through community support, exercise and the soothing touch of massage.

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This is so beautiful in many ways 🤎 Thank you Yvonne ✨


31 déc. 2023

RADIANT. My word and encouragement for 2024. Let merriment steer your curiosity. Come out of your cave to experience the width and breath of the world in the radiant sunlight. Nancy at Aviana. Happy New Year!

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This is amazing, Nancy. Love this so much! 🤎

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