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Exciting News!

We are very happy to announce the addition of new licensed massage therapists to the Brownstone team!

Please welcome...

Jennifer Stumpf, LMT

Jennifer Stumpf's journey to wellness started in the early 1990's with a certification in massage therapy, at a time when any holistic practice such as massage, acupuncture or energy work was not as widely accepted or understood as it is today.


Jennifer is encouraged to see different modalities being offered not only in a stand alone business, but there are many wellness centers and mainstream medical offices and hospitals utilizing alternative therapies.  By the late 2000's her attention centered to hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.  She began to understand the imperative connection between mind, body and spirit, which none of can work properly without the other.


Jennifer returned to massage therapy school for additional hour requirements and a state issued license.

Since people react differently to many different things (think of your large variety of pain relievers at the store and what you have tried in the past), She ensures to always offer a variety of alternative methods to get clients' goals accomplished.  

She is happy and able to do many forms of massage.


Together we can build a plan for your unique health situation and goals.  In addition to massage, Jennifer offers Reflexology, Energy Work, Aromatherapy, Tapping, Crystal Chakra Cleanse, GuaSha, Dry Brushing and Laser Therapy.

We are so grateful to have Jennifer here at Brownstone as she brings much experience and a variety of wellness offerings!

Check out all of her amazing offerings!


Please welcome...

Shelea Sims, LMT, RN-BSN

RN, BSN, LMT,  Provider - Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Nurse

Shelea Sims is excited to embark on her journey as an LMT at Brownstone. As a registered nurse, she has always found joy and purpose in helping others to recover and feel better.


She feels it's rewarding when she is able to help someone's state of wellbeing through the art of professional touch. She graduated from the European Medical School of Massage in 2023, where she received confirmation that she made the right decision to venture into the massage world. The fact that we can help restore a person's physical and mental well-being is an amazing gift and honor. She enjoys learning about the different modalities and practicing techniques that are beneficially tailored to each client. The art of massage therapy is a healing journey. she is happy to incorporate her knowledge, personal experience, and wide range of techniques into each individual session. 

We are thrilled to have another Registered Nurse, LMT join us at Brownstone!

Check out Shelea's variety of services!


Allow us to reintroduce Adrienne Mohn, the dedicated Owner of Brownstone Station Wellness Center and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Adrienne is profoundly appreciative of her exceptional team at Brownstone. Over the past eighteen months, she has undergone a transformative journey, rehabilitating from a series of challenges including shoulder injuries, a broken foot/sprained ankle, spinal issues resulting from scoliosis, and inflammatory complications stemming from a previous illness. While this may seem like personal information, it serves as a testament to the notion that wellness is achievable even after enduring significant injuries and illnesses.

Throughout her recovery, Adrienne has availed herself of various resources, including the expertise of her fellow therapists, consultations with physical therapists and physicians, and undertaking courses to master MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) through Dolphin Neurostim. She has not only applied these techniques to her own rehabilitation but is also excited to introduce them to her clientele at Brownstone, offering them the opportunity to experience the benefits firsthand.

With her comprehensive approach to healing and her renewed commitment to her craft, Adrienne is delighted to announce her return to the massage schedule at Brownstone Station Wellness Center.

Checkout Adrienne's Service menu here!


Stay tuned to our Blog in the coming weeks for an additional New Licensed Massage Therapist Intro!


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Be well,

The Brownstone Team

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