Frequently asked questions

What to Expect of Your Private Reading with Bill Stillman

Payment in cash only is due at the time of your private reading. Fee is $150 for a one hour session.
You are permitted one session annually. This allows time for any predictions to come to fruition, and encourages each client to rely on his or her own spiritual faith and resiliency.
William will recite a non-denominational blessing with you at the start of your session.
William will work with you intuitively for the first half of your session. the second half of your session is your time to ask questions and to share photographs of loved ones.
Bring with you hard copy photographs of loved ones who are living or who have passed on,.
Be prepared with a list of questions about any aspect of your life about which you are wondering.
You may bring a device to record your session or bring paper and pen to jot notes.
If you come unprepared, it may affect the quality of the reading you receive.