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Massage/Bodywork & Other Practitioners

Adrienne Mohn
Creator/Owner/Operator of Brownstone Station Wellness Center - Yoga Studio & Massage Therapy

Adrienne creates and customizes wellness treatments that are unique, healing, and effective that pull from a combination of modalities that she has learned over the course of her practice, travel and continuing education classes. The treatments include modalities such as myofascial release, cupping, reflexology, orthopedic massage, hot basalt & salt stones, steamed herbal compresses, Thai-table massage, deep tissue, dynamic soft tissue and sports massage. She has been a massage therapy practitioner since 1996.

Adrienne has been practicing yoga for 25 years and loves how it strengthens the mind-body connection.

She also creates "Adrienne's Herbals" brand of fresh, all natural, handmade, body care products including hot and cold process soaps, herbal body oils, and bodyscrubs . You can find Adrienne's Herbals at our wellness boutique at Brownstone or on our online store.

Adrienne is passionate about creating an all-inclusive healing space for both customers of Brownstone and also for the people that work here. She oversees all operations here at the center.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith LMT, RYT 200 is a licensed massage therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Here at Brownstone, she offers  a variety of massage modalities including therapeutic massage, oncology massage, cupping, reflexology and reiki. 

Rebecca is a seasoned and  gifted practitioner with experience in an award winning spa and  wellness centers.


Loren Cook

Loren Cook, LMT - Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release


After a few years out of Massage Therapy, he has found his way back and is excited to reconnect and re-ground back into his healing roots.  

His desire for his clients is that they begin to invite practices of wellness into their lives to improve their health, relationships, well-being and endeavors.

The benefits of preventative alternative practices like massage therapy, relaxation, and other forms of healing combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise are endless and invaluable.

He believes the key to being well begins with small changes, support and positive reinforcement.  He hopes his clients live better, healthier, longer lives through the use of his services.

He is now living in Manheim, enjoying life with his 3 sons and says it has been pure joy to experience watching them grow into young men.  

Loren looks forward to connecting with past clientele and growing relationships with new clients!

Cathy Layton

Cathy Layton, Licensed Massage Therapist has been practicing for over 18 years in her field and is well known for her skills in therapeutic deep tissue and neuromuscular massage modalities.

Cathy is an advanced practitioner who specializes in deep tissue, fascia work via metameric massage and other advanced techniques. She has 90 minute, 75 minute and 60 minute appts. She is able to add in cupping & hot towels at no additional charge. 


Cathy also offers Ashiatsu massage which utilizes bars mounted on the ceiling so that the therapist can grasp onto to get a deeper pressure by using their feet instead of their hands to apply the massage techniques.

Lin Roussell

Owner of Massage CE Advantage, Lin is a Continuing Education Provider for Licensed Massage Therapists. Here at Brownstone and surrounding areas she offers a wide range of CE hands on classes, lectures and CPR certification.

Lin is also the creator of BellaTouch (patent pending) a wonderful tool for chair massage for massaging over clothing for a smooth non-friction glide. 

For more information about LIn and Massage CE Advantage...

Tasha Mundy


Tasha Mundy, LMT, CMLDT has been practicing massage since 2013. At the end of her first day of massage school she knew this was one of  the best decisions she had ever made.


Tasha is a single mom of two beautiful teens and a large extended family. From the very beginning her passion for the therapeutic effects of massage were motivated by her love for her family. Many have suffered from chronic health issues as well as several different cancers.


She herself found healing due to trauma in unexpected places due to different modalities - for which she will forever be grateful and was moved to want to give back not only to her family but to others suffering.  Continuing education and advanced techniques allowed her to follow her passion for helping others get relief from chronic pain, and have given her a better understanding into how emotional, mental, and physical stress manifests itself in our bodies. She endeavors to really get to know you in order to create a massage experience that is unique to your individual concerns. 


Deep Tissue, Cupping, Cranial Sacral and Oncology massage are a few of her specialty services. As of the spring of 2022, she was trained and became certified through Klose Education in the Vodder technique for Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). This work is especially dear to her heart, it is a much needed service for many close to her. The role the lymphatic system plays in all of us is often overlooked. She is incredibly excited to start sharing this with everyone. In addition to an approach with medical massage, Tasha also is highly trained in blending aromatherapy and spa techniques to allow for a sense of tranquility to your experience.


She can’t wait to meet you!

Ashleigh Garber 

Ashleigh Garber Licensed Massage Therapist has been practicing massage therapy since 2007. Her passion for running, mindfulness, and health has allowed her to find balance with connecting the body and mind.

She believes that physical and mental health both play a large role in our personal well-being.
Each massage will be customized as her technique combines therapeutic massage, stretching
and relaxation.

Ashleigh helps oversee general operations of the center.

Anya Romero

Anya Romero, Licensed Massage Therapist has been practicing massage for 5 years.
While she offers a wide variety of modalities, her passion is for Prenatal, Postpartum and Infant
Massage. Anya’s personal experience combined with continued training and practice has
allowed her to acquire compassionate techniques to help mothers during and after their
pregnancies. She believes that massage is a necessary element in preparing a mother’s body
and mind for childbirth and is just as beneficial during the recovery period.

Anya has two toddlers under three years old and a newborn baby. 

Donna Stiver

Donna Stiver, LMT creates and customizes her specialized treatments that are calming, healing, and therapeutic.  She combines and uses the massage modalities, education, intuition and passion that she has developed over the past 21 years to provide excellent care for her clients. Some of these modalities include: cupping, bamboo fusion, hot and cold stone therapy, salt stones, reflexology, facial and scalp massage, sports massage, gua sha, prenatal, ashiatsu and aromatherapy.

She has been practicing massage since 2001 and has a BS in Nutrition from Penn State University and contiuned her education in Ohio and earned two degrees in massage therapy and sports and fitness management. She has been extensively trained in La Stone Therapy, ashiatsu, oncology, spa treamtments, gua sha, aromatherapy, prenatal and infant massage.

Audrey Rai

Audrey Rai is a certified Psychic Medium, Yoga instructor, Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor who has devoted her life to helping others along their path. A natural teacher, she empowers others in person and remotely by creating a safe platform for exploring spiritual gifts, sharing healing and providing a supportive community in a noncompetitive setting. Through connecting with Spirit, Guides, Angels and Ancestors, Audrey shares messages and healing to support others on their own soul seeking journey.


Audrey specializes in mentoring women, children and the men who value their sacredness. She illuminates a path for all, empowering you to open up to your own unique gifts and soul contract.  Audrey is heart centered as she allows herself to be the conduit for you to receive a clear and open channel of messages and healing for your highest good.

William Stillman

Psychic William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism (translated in three languages to date), and The Autism Prophecies. His other books of the paranormal genre include The Secret Language of Spirit: Understanding Spirit Communication in Our Everyday Lives, Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!)

Since 2004, Bill has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor. He specializes in identifying clients' gifts and talents as well as aiding discarnate spirits (ghosts) to transition to the Heavenly realm. And he has investigated hauntings on behalf of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. He has been consulted on missing person and unsolved homicide cases. Bill has been interviewed on numerous radio shows.

William offers one on one private readings, psychic galleries, and workshops here at Brownstone.

For more information about William Stillman, visit his website...

Learn more about what to expect from your private reading...

A Little R & R of the Valley -

Trish Zook and Karin Phillips - Suite C

Trish Zook is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Therapeutic Massage and also a
Reflexologist working with feet, hands and meridians of the face. Trish also offers Thai
foot reflexology as well as Reflexology for Chronic Pain.
Trish is a Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Third level student with Healing Touch and
also studied Integrated Energy Therapy.
Trish assists with teaching Reflexology and Massage at The Valley School of Healing
Arts and is a Board member of the school as well.
Trish joined the Penn State Cancer Retreat last year to offer Reiki, Reflexology and
Massage to the couples who have been affected by cancer. Trish is looking forward to
being a part of the retreat this year in November.

Karin Phillips is certified in Reflexology, Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She has taught Reiki @ The Valley School of Healing Arts since 2009. She is currently a Board Member. She’s committed to their mission of healing body, mind and spirit. She is humbled by her own pain and strives to assist others in relieving their own. She is committed to working with people to restore their natural balance to promote their healing. Spends her time with family and friends. Loves the beach, reading and doing reflexology at various Holistic Fairs with Trish. 


Teaches classes and workshops: 4 levels of Reiki, 3 levels of Integrated Energy and the First phase of Magnified Healing. Each of these classes have an attunement for each level.


Integrated Energy Therapy is a gentle, way to empower and balance your life by helping you release patterns of the past. The high vibrational energy clears imprints from the energy field, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Uses Divine angelic energy to support your healing, as well as the nine cellular memory areas, integration points. Known as "getting the issues out of the tissues". Stevan Thayer, a former engineer, is creator of IET.


Magnified Healing Phase One is a high dimensional healing technique which brings us into our hearts, connected to our higher self, feeling whole and at peace. Clears lower energy, brings in the higher light.  It establishes a constant flow of energy from ones heart to the Source and down to the center of the earth. Initiates healing. This modality was brought forth under the intervention and inspiration of Kwan Yin. She is the Master Teacher who is known for her love and compassion. Kathryn Anderson and Gisele King were chosen for their integrity to bring forth these teachings.

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