Adrienne Mohn

Adrienne creates and customizes wellness treatments that are unique, healing, and effective that pull from a combination of modalities that she has learned over the course of her practice, travel and continuing education classes. The treatments include modalities such as myofascial release, cupping, reflexology, orthopedic massage, hot basalt & salt stones, steamed herbal compresses, Thai-table massage, deep tissue, dynamic soft tissue and sports massage. She has been a massage therapy practitioner since 1996.

Adrienne has been practicing yoga for 25 years and is currently enrolled in a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training School. Please look for Private Yoga Sessions and Therapeutic Massage Services with incorporated Yoga coming soon.

She also creates "Adrienne's Herbals" brand of fresh, all natural, handmade, body care products including hot and cold process soaps, herbal body oils, and body scrubs . You can find Adrienne's Herbals at our wellness boutique at Brownstone or on our online store.

Josette D'Amelio

Josette offers Tai Chi, Taoist sitting meditation &  Chi-Kung classes in Brownstone's spacious Lodge Room. Josette is a Third Level Black Belt Instructor in Tae Kwon Do, Reiki Master and Teacher and Student/Instructor of Grandmaster Andrew Chung Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Wuji - (Taoist sitting meditation) is the state of emptiness, a state of peaceful awareness to restore Chi (life force energy) and vitality for physical and spiritual well being.

Chi Kung - The Chinese words "Chi Kung" translates as "life energy cultivation". This practice involves the execution of a series of exercises designed to unblock the passage to maintain health, healing, martial arts and spiritual cultivation. 

Tai Chi is a low impact form of exercise that takes you through a series of slow movements that flow together. Great for balance and overall health for people of all ages and fitness levels.


These practices are designed for all ages and levels of physical capabilities. Comfortable clothing and soft shoes (sneakers) plus bring a pillow for sitting. Chairs will also be available.

Josette is a Master Level facilitator in the Usui/Tibetan Method of Natural Healing.  She has been practicing and teaching for over 20 years.

Reiki raises the subtle vibrations of body, spirit and should to a higher frequency which allows a cleansing of the whole energy system.  Energy blockages/imbalances left untreated will lead to greater stress in the body which can manifest as disease in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

William Stillman

Psychic William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism (translated in three languages to date), and The Autism Prophecies. His other books of the paranormal genre include The Secret Language of Spirit: Understanding Spirit Communication in Our Everyday Lives, Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!)

Since 2004, Bill has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor. He specializes in identifying clients' gifts and talents as well as aiding discarnate spirits (ghosts) to transition to the Heavenly realm. And he has investigated hauntings on behalf of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. He has been consulted on missing person and unsolved homicide cases. Bill has been interviewed on numerous radio shows.

William offers one on one private readings, psychic galleries, and workshops here at Brownstone.

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Sonnya Nieves

Sonnya Nieves RYT 200 has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching since 2016. She enjoys teaching yoga to teens and adults - anything from vinyasa to restorative to Yin. She  loves supporting and observing the change in energy from the beginning of class to the end of class, the glow that students have after exploring movement and relaxation.

Here at Brownstone, Sonnya offers Beginners Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Happy Hour Yoga Flow, Teen Yoga, Yin Yoga and New Moon Yoga.



Crystal Deller


Crystal Deller, RYT 200 of MindSound Yoga believes that the power of yoga is grounded in the mind body connection. When your body and mind are aligned in harmony, one finds peace.

At Brownstone, Crystal offers Chair Yoga, Yoga in the Meadow, and New Moon Yoga, Sunrise Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mindful Reset Yoga Practice. 

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith LMT, RYT 200 is a licensed massage therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Here at Brownstone, she offers  a variety of massage modalities including therapeutic massage, oncology massage, cupping, reflexology and reiki. 

She also offers private one on one or small group yoga instruction. Rebecca is a seasoned and  gifted practitioner with experience in an award winning spa and  wellness centers.


Lin Roussell

Owner of Massage CE Advantage, Lin is a Continuing Education Provider for Licensed Massage Therapists. Here at Brownstone and surrounding areas she offers a wide range of CE hands on classes,  lectures and CPR certification.

Lin is also the creator of BellaTouch (patent pending) a wonderful tool for chair massage for massaging over clothing for a smooth non-friction glide.  Available for purchase here at Brownstone.

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Andrea Iskric

Andrea is a Certified Barre Instructor

Barre is a low impact class containing elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet for a full body workout. Small muscle groups are targeted with high repetitions. Throughout class we use a combination of balls, sliders, resistance bands, small hand weights and the barre for a great workout with lots of stretching in between. All the exercises are set to a playlist to make for an upbeat hour of exercise.



Cindy Lesher


Owner of Next Generation Yoga with Cindy Lesher


Cindy Lesher, RYT 200, RCYT -  offers Yoga Series for Children and Children's Yoga birthday parties here at Brownstone Station Wellness Center.

Cindy Lesher began practicing yoga in 2014 when her alternative health care provider had suggested it along with many other healthy things to do in order to heal from a pending health condition. She loved yoga so much that in the Spring of 2016 she signed up to become a yoga teacher receiving her RYT 200 (registered yoga teacher, 200 hours). Unfortunately she broke her leg just 2 weeks before training was to begin. With a mission in mind, she pushed through and graduated. During training she practiced teaching kids yoga and realized she was missing the knowledge to teach and connect with kids. And she loved and missed teaching her own kids, age 22 and 24 at the time, that she had homeschooled along with her then husband. Being a teacher at heart with a passion to teach kids yoga, she found a company offering a 95 hours immersion course to be taken in 13 days to become a RCYT (registered children's yoga teacher, 95 hours). She completed that in the summer of 2018. Since then, Cindy has been teaching kids yoga at preschools, schools, park & recreation centers, yoga & wellness studios, libraries and anywhere the kids are located.


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Jill Lawley

Jill Lawley, RYT 500 completed her 200 hour training locally at Studio B in Hershey followed by a 300 hour program with Create Karma in Lancaster.

In addition to being an RYT 500, Jill holds additional certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Baptiste Art of Assisting 1 and 2, Barre Method, and Yoga for Stress and Anxiety. She also teaches at Studio B Power Yoga in Mechanicsburg and lives in Hershey.


Here at Brownstone she is teaching Warm Power Vinyasa Flow on Wednesdays.

Molly Diodato

Molly Diodato, MS, EdS, E-RYT 500, YACEP has been teaching yoga for over ten years and has been practicing for over fifteen. In addition to earning her E-RYT 500, Molly holds certifications in Trauma Informed Yoga and Baptiste Art of Assisting levels 1 & 2. Molly is also a certified continuing education provider with yoga alliance.


Molly has lead workshops in physical assists, sequencing, arm balances, incorporating interoception into a yoga practice, personal agency and consent in yoga and various alignment seminars.  She teaches challenging classes using creative sequencing with a heavy emphasis on alignment and safety. Most importantly, she wants her students to find agency and joy in their yoga practice. Molly’s professional background includes a BS in Neuroscience, MS in Child Psychology, as well as School Psychologist and Autism Specialist certifications. She is the owner of Storied Photographs.

Here at Brownstone she is teaching Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

Shelly Wolfe


Shelly Wolfe - 500HR RYT began her career journey at Yoga On Chocolate where she completed her 200 hour training. Finding herself drawn to the spiritual aspects of yogic philosophy, she explored different styles of yoga, such as Yin and Restorative, to counter her vinyasa practice.


The deep healing and self- study experienced in her own life because of her deepened practice, led to work with Transformation Yoga Project, a trauma informed non-profit dedicated to serving those in substance rehabilitation and correctional facilities. She continued her education with Laughing Lotus and traveled to India, with focuses on the chakra system, subtle body energy and Ayurveda.

At Brownstone Shelly teaches Gentle Yoga and Warm Vinyasa Flow. You can find her handcrafted Nova Elixirs here at our Boutique. They are high potency crystal elixirs for usage on the spiritual path created by the light of the moon.

Gabrielle Murray

Gabby Murray - 200HR RYT, RN has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years specializing in women's health and high-risk pregnancies. Being a nurse, she realizes the lack of wellness in the world and it has been her goal to educate and promote healthy living and overall well-being.

Being an athlete for many years, yoga came into her life when she needed it the most. She has continued to practice for more than 10 years. Her practice started when she realized that her body was not getting any younger and injuries were becoming more prevalent.

Yoga has allowed her to feel overall goodness - mind, body and soul and she says that she is healthier now than when she was in her thirties.

Her classes are fun and anyone from beginner to a pro-athlete would benefit. Her goal for every class is for you to continue to learn, challenge your body, but also have fun and to let go of the things that do not serve you. You can expect to have a full body workout with a deep stretch with a focus on one breath one movement philosophy.

Here at Brownstone, Gabby will be teaching Warm Vinyasa Flow.

Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins - 200HR RYT has been practicing yoga since 2012 and completed yoga teacher training in 2017 at Hotbox Yoga, a Baptiste certified studio in Philadelphia.


Mary encourages students to embrace vulnerability, engage in sel-inquiry and enjoy their flow while developing mental and physical strength through yoga. Here at Brownstone, Mary offers Happy Hour Yoga Flow on Friday evenings.

Cathy Layton

Cathy Layton, Licensed Massage Therapist has been practicing for over 25 years in her field and is well known for her skills in therapeutic deep tissue and neuromuscular massage modalities.