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Aviana at Brownstone with Nancy Schmitt

Please allow us to re-introduce Aviana Creator & Provider Nancy Schmitt

Nancy Schmitt is thrilled to return home to Hershey/Hummelstown to provide her seminars and Aviana Life Touch Therapy to those seeking a gently impactful energy touch therapy. She is a retired executive, seasoned entrepreneur, practicing Aviana Life Touch Therapist, cancer survivor, and creator of all things Aviana. Described as a pioneer by colleagues and students, Nancy started her private massage therapy practice in Hershey in 1996 while continuing her advanced studies.

Nancy has sought out experiential and theoretical training opportunities at some of the most prestigious schools and educational centers in the country. Her extensive education includes studying with well-respected international healers, scientists, and leaders in Massage, Mind/Body, Energy, and Native American Medicine. She has also worked with leading authorities in the field of Mindfulness, Intuitive Development, and Meditation. These studies led to the creation of her signature work, Aviana Life Touch Therapy.

In 2000, she opened Hershey’s first body spa, Emerald Springs Body Spa, and sold her thriving business in 2004 to pursue a one-point focus on Aviana. While continuing her advanced study, and with the prompting of a community doctor whose family was touched by her work, she began teaching her bodywork to massage therapists and nurses throughout the country, providing continuing education certification. Nancy was also a speaker at Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center, AMTA, and AHNA Annual National Conferences, and for cancer groups both nationally and locally.

After traveling the country teaching her body of work, and taking an extended leave of absence, Nancy is excited to return to her healing work and is eager to be of service to you.

Experience Aviana's unparalleled touch therapy, drawn from ancient knowledge made fresh for today's client. Integrating a specifically selected blend of worldly-wise healing concepts and pure energy touch, this tranquil full body experience includes face, scalp, ears, and feet, providing deep relaxation physically, emotionally and mentally. Clients enjoy the feeling of having a power nap, full of renewed strength, vitality and serenity. (Undress optional.) Deeply Relaxing Reversing Stress Symptoms Affording Comfort in Body Providing Immune System Support Enhancing Quality of Sleep Improving Concentration Increasing Vitality and Wellbeing In every age and stage of wellness, dis-ease, and disease, including cancer. For prevention. For recovery.

Nancy offers her Aviana Services here at Brownstone Station Wellness Center by appointment - you can schedule through our website.


Special Events & Continuing Education offered by Nancy here at Brownstone


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