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Ashleigh goes to Guatemala to give Hope a hand...

This past July, Ashleigh Garber, LMT of Mindful Living and Wellness here at Brownstone Station visited Tree 4 Hope in Guatemala - a charitable organization close to her heart.

Tree 4 Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing a bright future of long-term hope for children, elders, and their families in Guatemala and around the world through educational, health, and mental wellness outreach programs.

From Tree 4 Hope's Website:

Hope Academy

Tree 4 Hope operates Hope Academy—a STEAM-based, Spanish and English bilingual school for girls with support for Kaqchikal, the indigenous Mayan language of the region, and hands-on internships at local businesses—in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas. The school grew from one kindergarten classroom in 2019 at the Miguel Magone orphanage to a new, modern school building with 67 girls in pre-K through Grade 6.

  • Why is this important? “We meet our girls where they are. Through Spanish we prepare them for life and work in their community; through English we connect them to a global world; through Kaqchikal we ground them in the traditions of their culture.”

Read more about what Tree 4 Hope offers here !

For the entire month of July, Ashleigh donated 100% of her tips from her massage practice to Tree 4 Hope. If you are feeling moved to do so you can make an extra contribution below! We would be so grateful for the support of this charity!

Recent news about Tree 4 Hope!

We recently learned that Tree 4 Hope will be opening a bilingual STEAM preschool in PA! Hope Academy of PA will open in September. We will keep you posted on this exciting update!

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